Saturday, 30 June 2012

120629 Show Me The Money Ride!

If you are in Seoul now, find this bus! Who knows you might have a lucky ride. LOL! This is the bus they use in SMTM. Cool eh? I wanna take pic with the bus! ^_____________________^

PS : Jiwon ride this bus with the contestant as well. :) 

120629 Show Me The Money EP 2 - MC EJW

My Tweet Combo with Hakchan Parody Twitter Acc

29 June 2012

30 June 2012

120629 Show Me The Money : EJW Live Stream Screencap

Friday, 29 June 2012

Do Hakchan | Reply 1997

Source : @LEESY1113

Aigooo...oppa look so cute. He definitely look cute in Reply 1997. Im wondering if he is 35 years old. LOL

Reply 1997 Teaser (1)

Check it out ya'll!!

Aigooo... ^_________________^

Pics : Cred to @pajigachakuta!

Cred to : @pajigachakuta

120628 - BTS (3) EJW Show Me The Money

Many thanks to elkblack for all this amazing shoot of EJW. Many thanks to Syanzie, because Im able to share this with readers after reading her Tweet ^^


For more pic of EJW from elkblack, click here! 

Hak Chan reply my Tweet!

So, the silly me strongly believe EJW reply the Tweet. LOL me. :)) Its the parody Twitter acc of Do Hak Chan, which is Jiwon oppa character in Reply 1997!

LOL me! :))

Reply 1997

Source : @tvN_1997

Source : tvnseries

Article : The cast of upcoming drama "Respond 1997" takes a picture together in parody of H.O.T.

The leading cast roles are played by A Pink's Jung Eunji, Seo Ingook, Infinite's Hoya, actors Lee Siun and Shin Soyul, along with Eun Jiwon, with most of them taking on their first acting challenge.

Sung Siwon (A Pink's Eunji) is currently 33 years old and is a 10 year experienced screenwriter and was H.O.T's passionate fan back in 1997. A Pink's Eunji will be playing as the lovable character with her youthful and sweet charms. 

Seo Ingook, the singer who showed his acting skills in "Love Rain," will be playing Yoon Yoonjae. Best friends since childhood with Sung Siwon, he is the friend that is always by side of Siwon. 

Eun Jiwon will be playing as Do Hakchan, the boy with everything; household, appearence, and his outstanding sports skills. 

Infinite's Hoya will be playing the role of the passionate consultant, Kang Junhee. 

In addition, actor Lee Siun will be playing as the greatest rapper in Busan and Shin Soyul, the girl who falls in love head over heels many times.

The six main characters are portraying the scene of the 1990's stimulating the H.O.T and Sechs Kies era poses on set. They revealed a picture that confirmed the drama and is rising the anticipation on the drama. 

Thursday, 28 June 2012

김나운 더 키친 오픈 인터뷰_놀러와_유재석,은지원,김나영,우승민,양배추

I used GT to translate, and didnt make any sense to me. T_T Thus, I kept the title that way. Haha! Many thanks to Syanzie who post this video earlier on Twitter.

Fast forward to 0:05!!!!! 

120628 - BTS (2) EJW Show Me The Money


Source : EJWDC

120628 - BTS (1) EJW Show Me The Money

 Source : EJWDC

Wow! Jiwon oppa looks hottttttttt! Love him dress up this way. ^____________^

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

120627 Show Me The Money (SMTM) Twitter (1)

이번주부터 본격적으로 래퍼들의 무대가 시작되는 것 알고계시죠?! 무대가 끝나면 이들이 어떤 방식으로 평가받고, 탈락하는지도 궁금하실텐데요! 그 부분에 대해 보기쉽게 정리했습니다> 이미지로 예습하세요!

Follow SMTM on Twitter : @mnet_smtm

EUN JIWON for @krttour

Source via @G1_World

Previously, I read about $10 Million sales of KRT Travel Agency :

Eun Ji Won helped the KRT travel agency increase their sales by 30$, their yearly sales totaled a whopping $10 million. Eun Ji Won is the exclusive model of the KRT travel agency, and he signed with them in November of 2011.

What is the reason behind Eun Ji Won’s “effect?” It appears that Eun Ji Won’s appearance on “1 Night 2 Days” have made viewers associate him with travelling. To help out the travel agency, whenever there would be a new travelling package Eun Ji Won would tweet about it.

Eun Ji Won stated, “After becoming a model for the agency I tried to help out in any way I could besides the actual advertisements. I feel like this is meaningful, a company doing well after using me as a model. I will try my best so that the advertisements I appear in are interesting and fun.”

Source : Soompi

120622 - EJW in SBS Quiz Show - CUTE!!

Source photo : Syanzie and Lili

120625 EJW CTP Ghost Story

Singer Eun Ji Won revealed a story regarding his past encounter with a ghost.

On the June 25th’s airing of ‘Come To Play‘, Eun Ji Won discussed a paranormal encounter he experienced in the past surprising those on set.

He spooked the audience and MCs when he began his story, stating,“I have actually seen a ghost before.”

Read full article here :

120626 BTS : Show Me The Money Recording

Photo source : EJWDC

Sketch of EJW

Source : EJWDC

Clover at Changwon Province

Photo source : Via (G1_World)

EJW : 이소룡이네

On his Twitter (@g1cloverg1), Jiwon oppa RT @ceejayfresh with caption : 이소룡이네 (Its Bruce Lee) :p

Photo source : @ceejayfresh

Reply 1997 - EJW as Do Hak Chan

“Reply 1997″ will b broadcast on July 24 at 11.00p.m[KST] on tvN

 Character parody prof of Do Hak Chan (EJW) in Reply 1997. Follow on Twitter : @1997_hakchan

Photo source : Via @G1_World 

Eun Ji Won Goes to High School for ‘Respond 1997’

On June 25, tvN’s upcoming drama Respond 1997 released a photo of the leads Eun Ji Won, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, Seo In Guk and Infinite’s Hoya. In the photo, the singers are shown posing in uniform.

Respond 1997 is set in the 1990s when H.O.T. and Sechs Kies were all the rage, and will be about six boys and girls in high school; Si Won, a big fan of H.O.T., the romanticist Yoon Je, the erotic Hak Chan and the ‘counselor’ Jun Hee.

The main characters meet at a high school reunion in 2012 at 33 years old, and when a couple announces its marriage, the members will start reminiscing on their high school days of 1997.

Click to read the rest of the article! 

120622 - MC EJW - Show Me The Money

Jiwon oppa didnt appear much in the first episode of SMTM :( But Im looking forward for the second episode. Love all the contestant! ^^