Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eun Jiwon 1N2D Last Ep Screencap

Came across 1N2D last ep video. Started with cute screencap, ended with sad scene...

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Eun Jiwon : Come to Play 120528

Thanks for production team, we have uri Choding in CTP. 


Dear CTP PD, can we have a close-up for each of the MC? Hardly to have Eun Jiwon moment in CTP :( 

Eun Jiwon : Escape Crisis No 1 120528

Click to view more pic............

Monday, 28 May 2012

EJW Poster (1)

Im at the G-Side working on something real big. Thus, Im Photoshopping all day. Everytime I came across a great Photoshop tutorial, I'll try to mix match any of G1 pic. Here is what came out from my Photoshop-factory, today.

He looks so cool. Im sure all of you agree with me. ^^

This is not some kind of wallpaper, so it wont fit nicely in your dekstop, okey ^^

Jiwon Twitter (1)

Jiwon posted this picture on his Twitter just now. Well, I dont know what it means. BUT, he definitely looks so damn cute in this pic.

Im speechless....................

 Along with this pic : 시트콤 "응답하라" 촬영 교복입고 이 나이에 고딩됨 은고딩 잘부탁함돠

Jiwon Twitter :!/G1cloverG1

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Doodling Jiwon on my shirt (2)

I am going to doodle another shirt. This is my first sketch. Done in a minute. So, its been a while since my last drawing. I need to draw again, maybe it takes another 3-4 times before I draw it on shirt. ^^

Cant wait to upload the final product soon.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

JH 120517 EUN JI WON Cut

Song : Eun Ji Won Go! Go!
Album : Vol. 2 -- Heavy G

Happy watching :)

*Choose to change quality to 480p (bottom of the video) for best resolution. UTube automatically change it to 360p.

JH 120517 Eun Jiwon Siren Cut

I think UTube reduced the quality. Originally, its HQ. Watch this video in UTube for better resolution :)

For Siren vid, choose to change quality to 480p (bottom of the video) for best resolution. UTube automatically change it to 360p.

1 Million Quiz Show 120525 Eun Jiwon

1 Million Quiz Show 120518

Im sorry. This might be considered too late as new ep released yesterday. But hey, as long as it is HQ pic, why not right? ^^ More to come, soon! *Will update in this entry.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Memory Lane : 1N2D Ep 99 Eun Jiwon

Again and again, I kept hitting replay. 1N2D will always be my number 1 variety show. :) 

Cred to Ahboo for vid.. :) 

Hehe... Cute Jiwon :) 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

EJW Wallpaper (1)

So, few days back is such a hectic day. I came up with this. Size : 1280 x 960

I like the pink color better tho pink is not my fav color. Hee.

Mianhae chingguyah, I will make other wallpaper later.. ;)

Click the link below each pic for full size view. Save as your desktop wallpaper whenever you love to..

This is how it looks alike in my desktop. :)

Eun Jiwon Sechs Kies - Ye Gam 1999

Look at what we got here. Jiwon really ages backwards! Jiwon ini 2012 and Jiwon in 1999. Aigooo... handsome man!

Monday, 21 May 2012

EJW Vid in Progress

Im currently working on this. Chingguyah, mianhae...Its gonna take another few days as weekend ended already.

Im not subbing JH as I didnt understand Korean lang very well. But Im making short MV for Jiwon, as promotion tools. Oppa hwaiting.. :)

Eun Jiwon - King of Variety Show

He is now on 4 variety show every week. Soon, its going to be FIVE! The real King of Variety Show - Eun Jiwon.

This one above for

Made another one for my Twitter and it fits well ( @malfunch )

Sunday, 20 May 2012